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'Spark Joy' in your Wardrobe

By Aleksandra Besevic

Have you watched the recent documentary on Netflix called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

The popular show has inspired people to be more mindful of their possessions and question why they hold on to particular items. As a result, many people are now beginning to declutter their homes and wardrobes. In this blog we will consider ways in which to dispose of items in a responsible way.

Usually, the fastest way to get rid of something is simply to throw it away however, there are many alternatives to avoid unnecessary waste and to promote recycling. Consumers’ first response can be to visit a charity shop nearby and donate, this is a great way to ensure that clothing gets a second chance to be worn. These are some key questions to ask before you donate:

  • Is the item high quality or lower? If the quality is poor the charity might not put it out for sale.
  • Is it in a suitable condition to be re-worn and loved by someone else? It is important that it is clean with minimum damage, if you would not wear it again it may need to be recycled instead.
  • Is the charity transparent with what happens to the clothing and the money made from the donation and what happens if they are unable to sell the clothes

It is important to donate to charity which you support but also consider other charities which may be in need of certain items or have a lower supply. Sometimes items are better suited to be recycled and there are various ways in which to achieve this. There are often schemes which are locally run or associated with the council which have facilities that recycle. Some brands have introduced a take back program which enables you to received store vouchers in exchange. More schemes are likely to be introduced to encourage sustainable actions to reward positive behaviours - so keep a look out!


Another option is to have a clothes swap with your family and friends. While you may no longer want to keep an item of clothing, your friends might be waiting to have the chance to wear it. There can be a great social element to being sustainable, consider to wear and share with your friends. It is also worth checking on social media such as Instagram or Facebook for local swaps and events which is an opportunity to meet your community and will likely have a wider range of clothing options.


After creating a new capsule wardrobe and making room it can be a challenge to maintain your new space. To remind yourself of how far you have come it may be worth taking before and after pictures to reference before you make a new purchase. In addition, make a plan and list of what you really need instead of going empty handed and likely to be attracted to unnesscary items. Remember that becoming more sustainable and aware of your items is a process which can take time to implement.


Take it step by step in finding and sparking joy in your wardrobe and yourself.

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