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A better world doesn't start with you

Research shows: It's more effective to address people as a collective than as individuals

"How can individuals be convinced to act on climate change?" was the central question in a recent research by researchers from University of California San Diego . The results were surprising.

It turned out that emphasizing our collective responsibility in fighting climate change is more effective than emphasizing individual responsibility. This runs contrary to popular wisdom and the approach many well-intentioned marketing campaigns have chosen. For instance, a large scale campaign by the European Commission emphasized that "You Control Climate Change" (see picture below).

The researchers find that (see also the graph below):

"emphasizing collective responsibility for the causes of climate change increases pro-climate monetary donations by approximately 7% in environmental group members and by 50% in the general public. Further, highlighting collective responsibility amplifies intent to reduce future carbon emissions. In contrast, focusing on personal responsibility for climate change does not significantly alter donations to climate change advocacy or the intent for future pro-climate behavior. These effects replicate and persist multiple days after treatment."

Looks like we might be onto something here, at

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