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    Solving the world's problems by coordinating collective action

  • Example projects

    Our goal is to inspire you to join an existing crowdacting campaign or even start one yourself. For instance at www.collaction.org.

    Crowdacting can solve many different types of collective action problems - click the images for some concrete examples!

    Crowdacting project ideas for a better environment. Sustainability


    Renewable energy, Meat Free Monday, Recycling, etc.

    Crowdacting ideas to improve local communities


    Local food banks, visit lonely elderly, welcome refugees, etc.

    Choices related to our behavior as consumers has huge potential to have a positive impact on the world


    Values driven banks, fair chain coffee, conflict-free minerals, etc.

    Improve wellbeing through crowdacting projects


    Digital detox, no more high heels, 28-hour work week, etc.

    Improve governance, institutions, and economically sustainable behavior through crowdacting


    Fair tax system, fight corruption, freedom of press

    Using crowdacting to improve our health and the health care system


    Vaccination, blood donation, more exercise, etc.

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  • About us

    We're a non-profit organization called CollAction. We aim to launch and promote the concept of crowdacting as a way to solve collective action problems. For social, cultural, and/or ecological good. In addition to this site, we've launched the world's first official crowdacting platform called CollAction.


    Inspired? Start a new crowdacting project or join an existing one at www.collaction.org.

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